6 Months in the Web Design Industry!

6 Months in the Web Design Industry!

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Six months have now passed since I joined the Superfly Marketing team, in this space of time I’ve already learnt so much that I could never imagine myself doing. Being able to design has always been my strong point however the development side of websites was an area I was lacking in experience. With the help of the Superfly team I have learnt the basics of coding such as HTML, CSS and PHP. I have produced a lot of websites for many different clients already such as building contractors, travel agencies, financial planning and much more!

What Have I Learnt?

When I started my job I had no idea what was involved in coding, therefore I was super excited to get stuck in! Before joined Superfly I used a website building programme called ‘WIX’ to make my websites, but since using WordPress I would never go back! WordPress is simple to use and has a variety of functions such as plugins, testimonials, header and footer builders. Most of my websites so far have been made on a template builder whereas AceTech Metals was the first I coded from scratch, and I thought I made a great job of it! This pushed me to learn as much as possible and have the flexibility to not rely on a template every time.

I’ve done other websites for clients such as financial planners, building constructors, photography and more. I now know what to expect from clients and how to deal with them in a professional manner. Following their brief and taking criticism in a positive way helps to make them trust you for future work. The next step for me is to learn J-Query and JavaScript…Possibly the more challenging parts of coding.

My Current Web Development Process

Once I’ve been given a website to design I start to sketch a few initial ideas of what the layout could look like. Otherwise known as wire framing. I then think about the colour scheme and font style which sometimes takes a while to get the combination correct. Using WordPress I then start to build up the site’s identity. Using a combination of WordPress and custom code has helped me to have a more solid understanding of the laying out of a website and how to build it correctly.

White’s Travel – My First Real Client!

White’s is an agency who’ve had 50 years of experience in the travelling industry. This was one of my first ever clients I had to do a website for. Their brief was to create a professional corporate business site with a colour scheme which matched the same style as their branding and featured lots of white space. Since then I’ve met with them to discuss a few changes but overall they were really happy with the outcome. Visit the website here.

What’s My Overall Aim?

I’m aiming to be able to code every major website project I get. This will allow me to be more flexible with my designs and layout. I’ve picked up a lot of coding skills already throughout the six months here at Superfly so I’m hoping to improve on where I am now to develop further and become the next coding master! 💻

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