A Day In The Life Of Rachel K!

A Day In The Life Of Rachel K!

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Hey guys! I thought I’d mix it up from all things social media and give you a peek into a typical day in the life of me. My days don’t always run this smoothly but let’s pretend they do! Hope you enjoy reading. 😊

1. Tumble Out Of Bed…

First thing’s first… I wake up super early. It takes me a long time to get ready because I’m so easily distracted – this is the only way that I’ll ever be ready to leave in time! Most days I’ll take a quick shower in the morning and then watch some TV whilst doing my makeup and getting changed. Usually I decide the night before what to wear so that’s not too stressful! My dog, Rolo, usually comes downstairs to sit with me – it’s super cute.


2. Stumble To The Kitchen!

After I’m all ready (I told you it takes me a long time!) I head upstairs to get some breakfast. Sometimes I skip it if I’m running a bit late, but most days it’s either coco pops or a protein shake. If I had more time in a morning I’d definitely have pancakes every day, but I’m not a very good cook so it would take far too long! And yes, Rolo really does follow me everywhere… whatever I eat I have to share with her!


3. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off To Work We Go!

I usually get to the office around 8am and sit, check my emails and maybe put an episode of a TV show on. Currently I’m re-watching Buffy for the 1000th time. Whilst watching, I have to sort my desk out as it’s always a mess from the day before! As I’m writing this it’s actually quite tidy (for me anyway) but it does have a lot of stationary and two bottles of hand cream… who needs two?!

Once everyone starts arriving we always have a chat about what everyone did the night before – usually we end up just talking about what we had for tea! Most days I put an earphone in and listen to some music or a podcast whilst I work to help me concentrate. I have a checklist of work which I tick off throughout the day, but mostly my job entails creating graphics and content for social media posts. Sometimes I have client meetings to attend so it’s completely different every day – you never know what you could be asked to do! That makes what I do really fun, as I’m always learning new things.


4) Stop… lunch time!

I know, I know – I’m a late luncher. There’s a few of us that have lunch a bit late, personally I wait until about 2/2:30! For lunch I either bring something in from home, or myself and the other Rachel go somewhere as a treat. I try and stick to a healthier lunch now, although this never really happens!

I went through a phase of having instant noodles for lunch every day, but now I much prefer to bring in something homemade like a spag bol or sweet and sour. Lucky for me my mum’s a really good cook, so I’m never short of something nice to bring in.


5. Hold On, We’re Going Home!

Home time! Twice a week I go to cheerleading practice straight from work, but on the other evenings I tend to just go home and play with my dog, maybe do some drawing or reading and watch TV until it’s time for a bath and then bed. I’m definitely more of a morning person, sometimes I stay up until 11pm/midnight, but most days I’m out for the count at half 10!

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