How Animation & Design Boosts Marketing Strategies

How Animation & Design Boosts Marketing Strategies

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In the days of scrolling through social media feeds, animation is something utilised to instantly draw your attention. Picture yourself mindlessly scrolling through your timeline, bombarded by an endless stream of mundane posts and static images. It’s easy to become disengaged, uninterested, and eventually get to the point where you’re not really paying attention to anything on the feed.

Animation has a unique power to interrupt the dullness of social media feeds, instantly commanding attention in a way that static content simply cannot do.

Using dynamic visuals to express storytelling or sell a product, animation has the ability to stop viewers in their tracks, compelling them to pause and take notice.

Think about it – amidst the jungle of dull posts that make you feel like you’d rather be watching paint dry, an animated advertisement for a new product or service stands out like a diamond in the rough. Animated characters, colourful graphics that shift and change shape all combined with fluid motion draw viewers in in an instant.

animation for the mobile first company
(Credit: The Mobile First Company)

Animation possesses the ability to infuse character and personality into a brand’s identity. Just like a person’s unique quirks and mannerisms, animated elements can convey distinct traits that resonate with audiences.

Imagine a company logo brought to life through animation – it’s no longer just a static image; it becomes a living embodiment of the brand’s values and persona.
Whether it’s a friendly mascot, a whimsical animation sequence, or a charming storyline, animation adds layers of depth and dimension to a brand’s image.

surprise shirts animation

Animation is more than just ‘making things move’ – By infusing character into your branding through animation, you create a memorable identity that resonates with your audience, creates emotional connections, and sets you apart from the competition. It’s the ultimate wingman to make your brand stand out.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level with the magic of animation, get in touch with us at Superfly Marketing. Our team of creative experts specialise in crafting captivating content that brings brands to life and leaves a lasting impression on audiences.


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