B2B Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Boring

B2B Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Boring

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When you think about business-to-business content marketing, if the only things that come to mind are white papers and case studies, the chances are that your target audience will be craving some personality from your brand. 

Despite the challenges of B2B marketing, such as a smaller audience and a longer sales cycle than B2C, the motivating factors behind making a purchase are more similar to B2C than you think.

Creative storytelling is not just for B2C and brand affinity is just as important for your business as capturing leads. In fact, the more you do the former, the more you receive the latter.

What does exciting B2B content look like? 

Like our Social Media Marketing Executive Emilie posted on her most recent social media storytelling blog: 

“A lot of content has become very monotonous and “samey”. No one wants to post boring content that people scroll past without a second glance, yet many still go for the hard sell without realising it’s completely pointless if your target audience isn’t engaged”.

Let’s take a look at some of the B2B businesses that are successfully engaging their B2B audience:

  • 3M Industrial Assembly & Design

“These are the structures that house our families, our entrepreneurs, our technology, so when the challenges of tomorrow arise, we meet them with the solutions we create today”.

The 3M News Centre is jam-packed with resources, media galleries, videos, press releases and an option to subscribe to their email newsletters. You can find them on X, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

  • 2. Cat Products 

“Everybody wants a new, different, better world. Here’s to the people who do what it takes to build it”.

Featured stories, press releases, publications,  FAQs, blogs,  X, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are just a few of the ways in which Cat communicates with customers, investors and potential employees.

  • Cummins 

“Whether their challenges are personal or global, we do everything in our power to solve them”.

On their website, you will immediately find their brand story video, blogs, manuals, technical documents, events and catalogues. 

You can also find Cummins on X, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

How to get your content out there

The content marketing funnel is crucial to creating content that supports customers throughout their whole journey. 

The content marketing funnel is usually split into:

b2b content marketing

You might assume that top-of-the-funnel content such as social media isn’t important for your B2B strategy. However, Google has started to show your social media follower count directly in the SERPs. Meaning that the stronger your social presence, the stronger your EEAT signals and overall trustworthiness will be.

In summary, the most successful B2B campaigns embrace innovative storytelling, from the top of the content funnel to the bottom,  even if the product or service is considered to be ‘boring’.

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