Two brilliant marketing benchmarks we can all learn from in 2016

Two brilliant marketing benchmarks we can all learn from in 2016

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2015 saw even more of a progression of the C word (content) in the world of marketing, with switched on businesses fighting for our attention online using all kinds of media, stories and videos. Recently there are some really cool businesses ahead of their game when it comes to their marketing strategy and implementation. We can all learn from some aspects of these examples, in my opinion.


Headspace brand themselves as ‘Your Gym Membership For The Mind”. Usually straplines are cheesy and potentially annoying, but this sums up the app perfectly. The concept of ‘mindfulness’ and freeing up ‘headspace’ has the potential to get lost as another meaningless modern day self help technique. However, the marketing is so on point that it makes the whole concept just make sense. The animated videos are not only designed impeccably with modern styles, but also tell the story of why Headspace can potentially make your mood more manageable.

The videos, app, website, sales process and blogs are all consistent in design and content, helping you at every step of the way to make that ultimate decision to sign up to the paid service. In my opinion, this is a shining light in app and online only based product marketing.

Headspace key marketing learning points…

  • Videos – Can tell a complicated story in 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Free trials – If the product is good, it gets people hooked. Works well with subscription business formats.
  • Flat, modern graphic design – All the colours and characters make everything a pleasure to use.


The Body Coach

The Body Coach, or Joe Wicks as he’s known to his loyal fans, has created an incredible business in the UK predominantly building himself up as a social media personality. His ‘Lean in 15’ videos on Instagram went virally popular thanks to their snappy and straight to the point nature. Rather than sitting and watching Jamie Oliver for half an hour, you can watch a Wicks video that covers the whole recipe in 15 seconds! A great idea, and people love it!

This then led to the launch of his ‘Body Coach’ online service, where you pay a fixed fee to get a 3 month food and exercise plan based on your physical attributes. A cool, innovative service that ticks a lot of boxes for those wanting to lose weight without joining a gym. Joe’s excellent social media awareness and engaging posts meant that he built up a huge following in just under a year. Once you become a social media celebrity, it becomes a hell of alot easier to launch a successful business simply because of the amount of legwork you’ve already done. The customers already love you, what you do and are bound to lap up your product.

Joe’s ‘Body Coach’ followers have even created their own discussion group on Facebook, which is incredibly popular with potential customers and existing customers alike. The best part of this for Joe is, customers answer their own questions amongst themselves – making the Body Coach team’s job SO much easier.

The Body Coach key marketing learning points…

  • Social Media Influencer – Build up a quality social media following, and you have a target audience before you’ve got your business.
  • People buy from people – (Cliche alert – sorry) A perfect example, to the extent where his customers are doing the work for him.
  • Data Capture – Enter your details and you get a free taster ‘Get Lean Guide’, but then you’re in the system ready to be targeted with offers and campaigns!

The success of the above businesses has been a combination of a great product/service, and a brilliant marketing backbone to go with it. Two very different approaches, but both successful in their own way. We can all, especially us business owners and marketing professionals, learn from their incredible rise by adopting some of their marketing principles on our own ideas and strategies.

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