Chris’ First Month at Superfly

Chris’ First Month at Superfly

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A month?


Turns out I’ve been at Superfly for a whole month already, I can’t believe it, it’s gone so quickly but that just shows how much I’m enjoying it.

As I neared the end of sixth form I had already decided that university just wasn’t for me, I just wanted to get on with something. School had always frustrated me as there was way too much watching and listening and not enough doing things. I consider myself quite a hands-on learner so I looked at alternative routes, other than university. After weighing up my options I decided an apprenticeship was the way to go, this way I could get the hands-on approach I wanted, both learning and gaining experience.

Now the only question was: what do I want to do?

I’d heard this question a myriad of times whilst I was finishing sixth form, even after I had finished, but the answer didn’t change: I don’t know. I’d always been interested in computers and enjoyed spending a lot of my own time learning and trying new things. However, the idea of doing the same thing; 9-5, week in, week out was fairly daunting which made the search for an apprenticeship very long. I had gone through countless job adverts over the months since leaving school, and there was nothing appealing to me. That was until I read Superfly’s advert, it wasn’t like the rest of the adverts I had looked at. I looked them up online and I was almost relieved in a sense, the company looked a lot more fun and refreshing compared to a lot of the bigger establishments, it was looking good. I read though the job description and I was very intrigued. This was the first time I had been really taken in by a job advert, and I knew it was a great opportunity for me. I had to get it.

An application, an interview and a few weeks later I got a call from Nick, offering me the role as a digital marketing apprentice. At first, I was ecstatic, I’d finally got myself a proper job, a great one as well, I was really excited to get started. Although, the more I thought about it, the more nervous I got, it was all very new to me and I didn’t know what to expect.

When I arrived at the office on my first day all of the staff were extremely welcoming and I knew that we would get on well. Even on my first day there I felt very at home and, even though I was nervous, I really enjoyed it and I have continued to enjoy each day since. At first, I thought I was going to get stuck with some smaller, less important jobs for a while but that wasn’t the case. Within my first week I had already learnt so much and even got to look at a few clients. Since then I feel like I have already gained a lot of valuable experience through working independently and working alongside Charles and had a great time doing so.

To summarise, I can tell you that my first month at Superfly has been a blast. I look forward to finishing my apprenticeship in a years’ time and no doubt there will be tonnes of other exciting things to enjoy in the future as well.

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