Coronavirus – Web traffic is NOT slowing down

Coronavirus – Web traffic is NOT slowing down

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As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, almost all businesses big and small have been impacted in some shape or form. With over three quarters of all search traffic throughout the world being made via Google, it’s no surprise many businesses are concerned about how to handle their current Google Ads strategy during these difficult times.

Don’t stop, won’t stop!

These unprecedented times naturally cause a lot of anxiety and panic for business owners. Ensuring you’re maximising profits and managing cash flow is more important than ever. However, it’s easy for the panic to create short-term focused decisions rather than smart longer term strategies.

Now is the time to ensure your Google Ads presence is maintained. Services throughout the web are scaling up and taking drastic measures to ensure web services and ISPs can handle the extreme load expected on the internet over the next few weeks and months. People are going to be searching around the web more than normal, so it’s crucial your business, brand, product or service remains in front of those people.

Many will be lessening their online spend due to panic, so now is the time to double down and stick to your guns. Once we all get through these surreal times, life will gradually return to normal! Ensuring you’re in the forefront of your customer’s mind throughout this time is essential.

Diversify your strategies

Currently spending your entire advertising budget on Google Search Ads? Now is the perfect time to diversify. Spend your budget on other brand awareness forms of advertising. Google’s Display network is a powerful platform within Google Ads, allowing you to build attractive banner ads which display across the web.

What’s better for brand awareness than showing your brand, product or service all across the internet as users flock to spend their “stay at home” time online?

Make smart decisions, not brash ones

We manage a myriad of Google Ads accounts across a whole range of sectors on a day to day basis. From holiday parks to paving stones, finance and property and a whole lot more. In every single market we’ve seen no negative changes to the overall number of clicks or impressions our accounts are receiving on a daily basis. Web traffic is NOT slowing down, quite the opposite.

Whilst the number of enquiries and sales have seen an impact (naturally), people are still searching more than ever for services, products and brands.

Adjust your marketing strategies accordingly, and reap the benefits in a few months time. Whilst your competitors might make a brash decision resulting in a complete drop-off in web presence, your smart decisions made today will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run.

Need help? Free advice?

If you need any kind of help with your marketing right now just give us a shout! We’re all working from home doing the usual 9-5 shift. The full team is on hand to help alleviate any worries you might, even if it’s just brainstorming ideas or offering free advice.

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