Creative Ad Campaigns During Lockdown

Creative Ad Campaigns During Lockdown

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In a time when people were further apart than ever, some big brands adapted their marketing campaigns to give humour and a sense of ‘togetherness’ when the world needed it most. Check out some of the best ones! (In my opinion, anyway!)

1) KFC Removing Their Famous Slogan


KFC advertising billboard

They didn’t think the ‘finger licking good’ slogan was appropriate in a time when tips about how long to wash your hands were coming in thick and fast, so they removed it! It’s not the first time they’ve removed these famous words (albeit for different reasons). The slogan actually made a return in 2008 after a 10 year hiatus!

“While we are pausing the use of ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’, rest assured the food craved by so many people around the world isn’t changing one bit.” 

2) Bumble… just Bumble.


Bumble creative advertising campaign

Bumble actually did this so perfectly. The genius of the bench is that it physically represents what Bumble is about, since often people from the app have only been able to meet in open spaces, due to all indoor places that people would usually go on a date being closed. It’s also pretty hard to miss a huge yellow bench with a hand sanitiser post attached – so great for getting people intrigued as to what they’re all about!

3) ‘Remember this’ Innocent campaign?


Innocent smoothies ad campaign

Innocent really brought the humour to the Covid marketing world. They had amusing billboards with different ‘remember this?’ activities that we could all partake in pre-pandemic. As a brand who are notoriously risky and fun with their marketing, it was refreshing to see them put their own unique twist on this!

4) Nike’s ‘Stay Home’ Campaign


Nike ad campaign

Nike’s latest viral ad was highly praised online because of its inclusive message promoting perseverance at a time when sports couldn’t go ahead due to the pandemic. It showed representations of different races, genders, and includes both disabled and able-bodied people. It also had segments focusing on recent events and racial injustice. All in all it was an extremely relevant, well done ad that was both inspirational and educational.

5) Apple’s ‘Creativity Goes On’ Campaign


apple ad campaign

Aiming to help people keep creative during lockdown, Apple’s campaign features people working from home with MacBooks, or drawing on iPads with their Apple pencils. There’s also a few appearances from a few famous faces such as John Krasinski and Oprah Winfrey!

Let me know what your favourite lockdown ad campaigns were in the comments below!

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