Danielle’s First Month At Superfly!

Danielle’s First Month At Superfly!

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As we’ve now reached December and began our Christmas countdown, there’s also another celebration to be acknowledged…MY FIRST MONTH AT SUPERFLY!!

I’ve now been at Superfly for just over a month and I can hands down say I am loving every minute. So to start off my blog, I wanted to tell my story as to how I was able to land my place as a Marketing Exec here at Superfly.

Prior to working at Superfly, I was working as a Customer After Sales Agent at Wren Kitchens HQ in the call centre. My job consisted of answering calls 9am-5:30pm and resolving any issues customers may have experienced once their kitchen was delivered. Since leaving school, I had always wanted to be in a creative related career, which is why I went onto study Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam.

Unfortunately, once leaving university, it was so hard to find a creative job due to my location, and the limited job opportunities. This lead me to have a range of jobs over the last couple of years. After working at Wren for around 7 months, I decided it was time to begin pursuing my dream career and apply for as many creative roles with the hope of being lucky enough to have an interview. 

This is where Superfly came in…

After around 2 months of searching and applying, I finally heard back from one business inviting me for an interview, which happens to be Superfly. I had my interview with Nick and Charlie which lasted around an hour, as we had a lot to chat and laugh about. Originally I had applied for the Digital Designer position, but unfortunately I just fell short of experience.

Luckily enough, one week later I received a call from Nick advising that himself and Charlie wanted to open a brand new position for me as a Marketing Executive. So as you can imagine, after years of working in customer service roles and finally having the opportunity to work within a creative industry, I was lost for words and over the moon! 

I started here at Superfly on November 4th 2019 and have continued to enjoy every moment spent with the team, as well as creating everyday. I will openly admit that I was so nervous on my first day that I cried the night before my first day. 

Now looking back, I laugh so much at myself because I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.

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