A Day in the Life of A Marketing Executive

A Day in the Life of A Marketing Executive

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I always enjoy reading what other people get up to in their day to day working life, so I thought for my next blog post I could give an insight into what my typical day as a marketing executive at Superfly consists of..

7:00 am As soon as my alarm goes off I hit the snooze button, maybe a few times. I’m definitely not a morning person so by the time I’ve properly woken up it’s already half 7. I’ll quickly get a shower, do my makeup and pick an outfit for the day – All in half an hour.

8:00 am
I’m never organised enough to make my lunch the night before, so I’ll quickly throw something together typically a salad or a wrap. After I’ve prepped lunch I’ll quickly have breakfast or grab some fruit and a coffee and I’m ready to leave the house by 8:30am.

9:00 am
Arriving at my desk in the morning, I like to catch up on emails with clients and set out my tasks out for the day. I’ll then follow up and check on social account notifications, messages and queries from the evening before.

10:00 am The first job on my list is to create my social media posts for the day. I normally plan out the whole morning for this and then schedule them in for a time to publish later. Every client is different at Superfly, one day I may be creating visual graphics for a popcorn brand and the next I could be sourcing cycling tips to send out to worldwide followers. Creating a range of posts each day for different clients always makes my job exciting!

12:00 pm
I’m always ready for lunch by this time; I tend to spend my lunch hour catching up on texts, scrolling down my Instagram, reading blogs or shopping online.

1:00 pm
Today there’s a meeting so for the next couple of hours I’m out the office. It’s great to meet with clients as it gives me the chance to catch up on how a business is progressing and also to discuss future marketing plans.

3:00 pm Back in the office! After reviewing and writing up any notes from the meeting I’ll start to work on a blog post for a client’s website. I then source and design the visuals to go with this, giving me chance to get creative.

5:00 pm
Before I know it my work day’s finished.  If I have a few spare minutes before I finish I always sort through my emails from the day, files and any documents. It’s important to keep organised and tidy with my job so leaving anything unfinished is my worst nightmare. At 5pm I’ll log off and leave the office.

6:00pm I’m usually getting ready for a gym class, tonight is spinning, so not one of my favourites but I always feel good after it!

10:00 pm
I’ll have a quick scroll through my phone, check any updates and log off for the evening, maybe watching some TV before heading to bed to recharge for the next day!

And that’s my typical day at Superfly!

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