Embracing change and the future of marketing

Embracing change and the future of marketing

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2014 is likely to be another year of vast technological advances and equally, big steps forward in the world of marketing. I was going to say ‘digital marketing’ then, but I think most of us can agree that a marketing strategy HAS to include a digital element of some sort these days. I have still yet to come across a business who cannot use digital/online marketing tools in some shape or form. Which leads me to the following points…

AngryFaceRejecting change = marketing failure

Facebook often annoys me and Twitter can just seem like an endless list of absolute nonsense, but from a business perspective is is equally as nonsensical to discount these potential tools as ‘not right for my business’ or (the worst one) ‘we don’t have time’.

Online marketing tools now allow businesses to speak in real time, to their target market and get instant statistics on how effective the campaigns have been. The best part is…most of these tools are free of charge.

This change is reducing the amount of guess work that a traditional marketing budget would have to account for. You can now view how many people are on your website at any one moment, see how many people are opening your marketing emails and pinpoint specifically where these people are interacting with your business online. Awesome.

Rejecting these new ideas and formats of marketing will only allow one of your competitors to sneak in and race ahead of you.

UnsureFaceModern technology is built for ‘n00bs’

The iPhone is one of the most important inventions of the last few decades, it has created a huge smartphone marketplace with equally huge sub-marketplaces beneath it (i.e. mobile gaming market).

This piece of technology has gained huge popularity since its birth, due to the fact it was easy to use. Gone are the days of turning on your computer and typing in DOS commands, it’s literally a swipe and the world is at your finger tips.

With this in mind, think of all the users that are engaging, buying and interacting with each other on these new mobile platforms. Whether it’s big brother gone too far or not, often businesses can take advantage of this by quickly learning current trends and user buying patterns.

There are so many great pieces of software out there that are easy to use, and can benefit your business by an incredible amount in the long term. The best part of it is, they’re designed for everyone, not just us geeks. Just like the iPhone.HappyFace

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