Facebook to Launch Their First Hardware Device

Facebook to Launch Their First Hardware Device

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Facebook is evolving in ways people probably never imagined it would. At first it was a seen as tool for bringing people together and allowing you to easily stay in touch with existing friends and family across the globe. Now Facebook is much more than just that. It has become a way of life, something we all use daily and not in a way we did when it first began.

How many sponsored posts can you count going down your feed? How many clickbait posts have you opened this week? How much fake news have you believed? Do all of these sound familiar to you? The one I want to know is how many catfishes have fooled you? C’mon be honest 🤔.

We don’t just use Facebook to talk to friends anymore, it’s sadly how we meet friends. It’s how we compete with friends for the most likes. It’s how we ‘stalk’ people instead of actually speaking to them, don’t lie you’ve done it.. It’s used for promotion, advertising and becoming ‘Facebook Famous’. There are obviously the benefits of Facebook but it’s just sad to think about how much our lives now revolve around it with the lowest age of users getting younger and younger.

I’ve got a test for you, close the Facebook app on your phone (see, I already know it’s open), check the time and then check the time again when you reopen it. Comment how long you lasted without it!

Facebook, just like other modern day social media platforms compete to be the best, they all want to have the best features and benefits for their users. But how much do we really need, we managed just fine before Facebook, why do we depend so much on it now? From ‘live photos’, to live videos, I remember when ‘Live’ referred to a concert or Xfactor Finale on TV. Am I really that interested in what someone I’ve never met is doing right now? Yeah probably, we’ve become so nosy of each others lives trying to compete for whose is best, when in reality it’s nothing like what we present it to be.

The growth of Facebook is what we let it to be, when do we say enough’s enough. I would say enough was before it outgrew its purpose before it was anything other than talking to existing friends. But when Facebook announce that they’re going to be launching their first hardware device, that’s when I say that it is definitely enough, we do not need it. You put so much of your information on Facebook it’s a wonder there hasn’t been clones of us made already (or has there…?). I bet if you scrolled through the years on your feed you wouldn’t even remember half of the stuff you put on, or you’ll cringe at some of your past status’ (I know I did!).

This device Facebook are planning to launch later this year is currently known as ‘Portal’, and in my opinion it’s shaping up to be a copy of the recently launched Amazon Echo; but it’s not the first time we’ve seen Facebook copy some things. It’s a device that will not only be a virtual assistant but also a tool for letting families communicate with each other through video chatting and other related social features. ‘Mark Zuckerberg has told employees he wants it to change user behaviour’ – can you see the transition? The gradual taking over of our lives… Our life is going to become one big virtual reality. All of these futuristic movies, they’re really happening! What happened to going round to see family or going out to meet friends? I understand this will be good for people in different countries but you know it’s not just going to be used for that, is it? Can you imagine on Christmas day, having your Christmas dinner… but only you around the table, sat with your portal on, no thanks!

The age kids get mobiles at these days is crazy and they’re exposed to all of this. Think of what it was like for you growing up, you played out with your friends in the freezing cold ’til god knows when and had the best of fun. These days kids are dependent on video games and their mobile phones so just imagine the impact technology is having on their lives already and how advanced they’re going to make it in the future.

The way we stop this is to stop consuming all of the crap that the media makes us think we want. If we can live for almost 5 billion years without it we can certainly live another 5 billion just the same. We need to stop being greedy and stop being nosy and focus on what you already have with the people you already have around you. I know I definitely will not be paying the expected $499 to sit on my own.

I want to know your thoughts, are you a futuristic gadget techie who can’t wait to try this out or are you sick of being caught up in a world where all we want is more? Let me know in the comments below!

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