My first two weeks at Superfly

By March 20, 2017Blog

So two weeks have passed already…wow!

When I received a phone call telling me I got the trainee website designer job I was overwhelmed with shock and excitement. After leaving college in July I was struggling to find a design job straight away so I repeatedly wrote to and even visited company’s with my CV to apply that way.

I thought it was a better solution to show my face so employers knew I was keen to get working. In the meantime I worked voluntary in a charity shop just to keep active and to build up my confidence around new people. All I’ve wanted to do was to get stuck in a fast paced working environment. In the past I’ve had work experience with various businesses such as Strawberry, Hull University Student’s Union and HPSS for the Vintage Affair and Yum Food Festival. Going to university did not appeal to me as I thought working alongside experienced designers would be more beneficial to my learning. Also when you leave university yes you have a degree but you’d be in the same position as I was.

What have I learned so far?

Over the past two weeks I’ve already learned so much such as coding and building a website from scratch to incorporate into WordPress. Being creative has always been my passion and now I get to share it with the world, it’s a dream come true. Coming into this job specifically website design was not an area I had a lot of practice with however, I now know what’s involved to produce a structured, good quality standard website. I’ve explored client websites that Superfly have already made and I must say I’ve been inspired! The thing I love about website design is that all of the components come together to create one finalised site. Creating websites also allows me to utilise graphic design, something which I greatly enjoy.

The start of my working career

Walking into the office on my first day I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but as the day went on I felt as if I fitted in straight away. My recommendation to everyone who is unsure about what to do after school or college is to preferably find a job based around your interests rather than university… but that’s just my personal preference. I feel incredibly lucky to be in this position now as there are not many design jobs available around my local area. Before applying to Superfly I made the decision to build up my portfolio as much as possible but with high quality work to put myself in a better position… and even created my own personal website. And it worked! After months of searching and ‘hard graft’ my efforts finally paid off. I can’t wait for what’s to come with this opportunity – working for different clients is what I’m really excited about. Hopefully after this apprenticeship it’s only the start of my working career, I absolutely love it! It’s not often you get up in the morning and cannot wait to go to work but I have to say, I do. 😁


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