What does being a Google Partner mean?

What does being a Google Partner mean?

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Google defines a Google Partner as a company that is known for:

  • Maximising the success of campaigns for clients
  • Growing clientele by managing campaigns
  • Demonstrating knowledge and expertise in Google Ads with certifications

Google Partners receive access to special benefits like product updates, exclusive events, and Google Ads support. Google Partners have a badge to show customers their trustworthiness. This badge can be displayed on their website and marketing materials. Additionally, Google Partners are included in the Google Partner Program, which offers additional resources and discounts.

The partner program is tailored for agencies and third parties who manage accounts for other businesses. However, this doesn’t stop anyone who reaches the criteria from applying.

How to become a Google Partner?

There are three main requirements for becoming a Google Partner and those are performance, spend and certification.

Performance: for adequate performance you need to have a minimum optimisation score of 70% across all registered ad accounts.

Spend: you need to maintain a 90 day spend of at least £7,979.30 across all managed accounts.

Certification: your account needs to have a minimum of 50% of your account strategists certified in Google Ads with at least one certification in each product area with campaign spend of £398.97 or more in 90 days (for example Search, Display, Video, Shopping or Apps).

What is a Google Premier Partner?

A premier partner is a company in the top 3% of Google Ad performers in the country.

The factors that determine the top 3% are:

Existing client growth: the ability to grow existing client accounts year on year.

New client growth: the ability of partners to acquire new clients.

Client retention: the ability to sustain client business.

Product diversification: the ability to invest in a product mix beyond search (for example YouTube, display, video 360, apps and shopping).

Annual ads spend: increased investment year on year

The value of the Google Partner badge

Since there is strict criteria to earn a partner badge, there’s real value in showcasing it. Demonstrating your expertise to clients can help you differentiate your brand and stand out within the industry. It provides a level of trust and assurance that you are a qualified and experienced Google Ads professional.

Reaching premier status gives you even more credibility, as it has a higher level of exclusivity. By investing in a diverse product mix, increasing your annual ads spend, and maintaining client retention, you can demonstrate your expertise and show potential clients that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

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What benefits come with each Google tier?

Google Member benefits include:

  • Product education & certifications
  • Account & technical support
  • Competitions & rewards

(google partner plus and premier plus come with even more benefits – for social post only)

Google Partner benefits include: (all of the above)+

  • Consumer insights reports
  • Promotional offers
  • Partner badge
  • Directory

Google Premier Partner benefits include: (all of the above)+

  • Product betas
  • Executive experiences (Invitation only)
  • Dedicated account support (Invitation only)
  • Premier Partner awards

Find out how we’ve helped to grow our clients Google Ads accounts as a trusted Google Partner by calling 01482 242007.

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