How to stay creative when working from home!

How to stay creative when working from home!

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Let’s face it, having to work from home can be pretty challenging, especially when you’re sat inside without anything inspiring to look at and are surrounded by distractions (in my case the dogs!)…so, here’s a few things you can do to help stay creative during the Corona Virus lock down!

As a graphic designer, I have to find ways to keep myself imaginative to help develop new concepts for my work. Obviously with the Covid-19 pandemic happening, my team and I are all working from home, so being stuck indoors, looking at the same four walls can be somewhat uninspiring. So, here’s some really handy tips that I personally do on a day to day basis that helps keep my creativity flowing!

Search for Inspiration Online!

Online there are loads of websites that give you access to current trends and innovative designs. I find that searching through websites such as Pinterest, Dribbble and Behance often helps spark ideas; it allows you to search through a large community of designers that showcase their own artwork! Even the smallest details like a colour combination or a certain font can be a massive influence to your design!

Watch A Lot of Tutorials

I’ve found the easiest way to learn a new skill when designing digitally at home is jumping on YouTube and searching for tutorials. YouTube for me is the most accessible and easy way to learn a new skill or develop a design technique! You are able to watch countless artists sharing different techniques and styles with step by step instructions, showing you visually so you can follow along at home. Learning a new skill not only develops your graphic design knowledge and skills but makes you a lot more confident with your capabilities in design! Reading blogs is also a great way to learn new skills and get ideas. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Interact with other creatives via social media!

Don’t be afraid to share your work online with friends, family or other creatives! The platform I use most to post my designs is Instagram simply because this is my favoured social forum. It’s easy to use and displays your posts in a more visual way. The benefits of doing this are that you showcase your talent, likes and comments allow feedback to help you develop your work, and posting your work is a helpful way to create connections with other artists. You could even influence others who need that little bit of inspiration!

Get out of your creative comfort zone

We all do it, it’s SO easy to fall into the same way of creatively thinking, designing something that you’ve done similar to before… my biggest tip to enable you to broaden your creative horizons is to try a new style/technique. Reverting back to my previous suggestion, tutorials help! There is nothing wrong with trying something and it not working out, however you might find a new style or technique that really enhances your work!

Experiment with different materials

Whether it’s paints, colouring pencils or even an old camera, dig out materials you have around the house that you haven’t used in a while and create something, anything! It not only creatively challenges you, it’s just a bit of fun and a productive way to spend your time while you’re at home! Now is the time to do it, you might even find yourself a new hobby!

Take regular breaks…

Working from home can be difficult so take regular breaks and go back to it, you most likely find new inspiration will come after stepping away from it. My breaks usually consist of picking back up the series I’ve been binge-watching on Netflix or walking the dog – you might just see something that sparks your creative imagination!

I hope these suggestions have helped you figure out your next best creation!

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