My Favourite Christmas Adverts This Year!

My Favourite Christmas Adverts This Year!

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First thing’s first – I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love the adverts, the songs, the twinkly lights, literally everything. I’m also a very emotional person, so you can only imagine the state I was in when watching these adverts to review them. Here are my favourites from this year, and it was not easy to choose! 

1) Disney

We’re starting with Disney, and I can confirm that this is my absolute favourite advert of this year. It made me cry so much, it’s just the perfect balance of heart-warming and heart-breaking. Be right back, got to go ring my grandparents. Cry rating is a solid 10/10 for this one.

2) McDonald’s

Who’s cutting onions?! McDonald’s smashed it this year with the whole ‘Christmas spirit’ approach, and it got me. I was crying for a solid 10 minutes, mainly because I don’t feel like it was that long ago that me and my little brother still enjoyed the magic of Christmas, and this made me all nostalgic and sad. The song choice here was perfect, Becky Hill did a cover of ‘Young Forever’ and the original is one of my favourite songs… so might be a bit bias. 10/10 cry rating again. (It doesn’t take much)

3) Argos

When I think of Christmas adverts, Argos isn’t one of the first companies to jump into my mind. They might have changed that this year though! While this one didn’t make me cry (cry rating 0/10) it did make me text about 5 of my friends telling them to watch it. It’s cute, creative and really entertaining to watch. I now also wish I was a magician. Can’t wait to see next year’s!

4) Aldi

I never, EVER thought I’d say ‘awww’ at some baby carrots, but here we are. Aldi have created something special with Kevin The Carrot and I am here for it! Plus, anything with a hedgehog is going to be 5 stars because I love them. It’s a very cute advert and sums up what Christmas is all about. Cry rating 1/10 but could stretch to a 2/10 if I was feeling extra emotional that day. Cute rating 10000/10 though. (Just making it up as I go along).

5) Coca-Cola

Again, Coca-Cola wouldn’t have been my first choice for a Christmas advert but I LOVE this one. It brought back fond memories of when I was younger and the truck used to come round giving away free cans. I just thought it was a lovely message and very very cute. Cry rating 3/10, maybe even a 4!

So, there we are! You’ve just got to see how much I’ve cried at Christmas adverts over the past week and a half, so I hope it was worthwhile! If I’m not back with another blog before the 25th, have a great Christmas!☃️

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