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Poppy’s 1st Month at Superfly

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So… Nick asked me to create this post and quite frankly I thought it was too soon to write this, but I was shocked when I realised, I’ve been here for just over a month. I can categorically say it’s the quickest month of my life and the best too!

I’ve always had a little creative side, even from being a child. I was always making things and creating ‘artistic pieces’ that I always put pride of place on the fridge (much to my Mum and Dad’s enjoyment no doubt). However, being a tomboy who loved everything sporty, the creative side was put on the back burner for a little while. All until I took my GCSEs, which made me fall in love with how diverse creativity is and how inspiring it can be. From screen printing to creating huge backdrops and stage props for the school annual performance in Art.

Then to English Language and Literature, I was obsessed with wording and how it made me feel. And even in History, researching various case studies of the past as we know was amazing too. Let’s just say I absolutely adored it all. So, if you were to ask me why I never pursued a career in being able to show my creative mind until now, I can’t tell you why. Most probably because with little guidance from school and being apprehensive of the ‘Big Wide World’ I was comfortable not growing up just yet and staying to study at Sixth Form and then on to Higher Education!

So fast forward to now, after varied job roles as a barmaid, beauty therapist and a sales advisor, I can definitely say I’ve found where I need to be career wise and I couldn’t ask for a better place to start it. Obviously, it’s 2020 and I’ve never experienced, and don’t think I’ll ever experience, a year as weird as this! As we all know COVID-19 has had a massive impact, even if it wasn’t direct, so it was crazy to think about changing career paths at the time I did, even more so moving to an industry I had no experience in whatsoever. I over thought it thinking about having to learn about the dreaded Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop programs. Making myself apprehensive and scared of failing and not being able to do what was asked of me, but after having word with myself and reiterating that I’m here to learn above all, to just calm down and get on with it. So that’s what I’ve done and can I say I’m really impressed by myself so far? Oh, and reality being Adobe is more straight forward than I imagined too.

Right, so after that massive tangent this is where Superfly comes in and how I express to you how ACE it is to work here! When Nick called and offered me the job, I was absolutely over the moon as it meant that it was the start of my new venture in a company that I’d, ironically enough, always liked the idea for working for since discovering they existed. As Superfly’s graphics always stand out it’s easily recognisable and when I’ve been looking on other business’ social media, liking how it reads and it being aesthetically pleasing, then to find out that it was done by Superfly, it was no surprise! It’s always good to be a part of something that you’re proud of and being proud to endorse your company’s brand, so I’m thrilled that I can do that now! After I got rid of the ‘first day nerves’ everyone was so welcoming and made me fit in with ease, now I couldn’t imagine better people to work alongside. But I’m sure everyone will agree and say my non-stop laugh they can hear from my desk or my long stories that I get carried away with is not something they signed up for!

As a Marketing Executive, at the moment my role involves me creating graphics and content to which I post alongside and managing various Social Media accounts too. One of my favourite things about the role itself is that there’s always something new to learn about. Every day is different and I’m constantly learning new skills. I know that there’s going to be a bright future for me at Superfly and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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