Looking back at websites in 2023 – What did we achieve?

Looking back at websites in 2023 – What did we achieve?

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As 2023 came to a close, we welcomed the new year with many exciting opportunities and prospects ahead for Superfly in 2024. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the highlights of last year for the web design team.

1. Welcoming Kasia to the web team

Earlier in the year, Superfly decided it was time to expand the already growing web team, therefore we welcomed Kasia onboard. Kasia is a passionate individual with years of experience in the bag. She has brought fresh, innovative ideas to our websites with knowledge of software that widens the level of service that Superfly has to offer. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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2. 451.63% Increase in PPC conversions and a website redesign for leading national broadband company, Quickline Communications

Quickline have been a fantastic client since the latter of 2022, approaching us to manage their web hosting to maximise the performance of their website and handle the increase in traffic. Since then, this has led to further web development work and, due to the success of this initial work, full PPC and SEO strategy management was handed to Superfly.

As the growth targets continued to increase, Superfly then designed and developed its new website to improve the user journey throughout. The integration of the new packages system simplified the process for the customer to choose the correct contract.

We also managed various landing pages that link to multiple campaigns. We continue to have a fantastic relationship with Quickline and look forward to working with them throughout the year and beyond!

Just look at our review from Quicklines head of marketing Kat Jeffery:

The Superfly team has been a valuable partner on Quickline’s digital journey and they are a pleasure to work with. Their open communication, responsiveness and collaborative nature has fostered a strong partnership, making them feel like an extension of our own team.

3. Superfly launches its brand-new website for its 10th anniversary

2023 was the big one, 10 YEARS since Superfly was established by Managing Directors Nick & Charles Tyldsley. To mark this special occasion, we had an anniversary party to celebrate, followed by the long-awaited launch of our new website. With a simplified navigation system, more in-depth case studies and interactive elements the new website now creates a more efficient user experience. We also wanted the site to have personality so potential customers already get a feel of our office environment and creative team within a few clicks.

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4. Gaining new clients

As a global creative marketing agency, our aim is to provide high-quality, honest marketing services to the best of our ability so our clients get the most value from working alongside us. As the year progressed, Superfly gained more exciting clients based throughout the UK managing their social accounts, PPC, SEO, Hosting, Websites and more.

5. Transitioning from Adobe XD to Figma

Whenever our web team gets some downtime, this is the perfect opportunity to expand our skillset within the business. As we already had a wide range of knowledge across the Adobe software, we decided to learn the basics of Figma.

As most software has its pros and cons, we thought Figma was the way to move forward for not only creating better UI/UX designs but also improving collaboration before and during projects which we felt, Adobe XD lacked. The team have already benefited from using Figma and continues to learn new things at a fast pace whether it be animation or general design details. Stay tuned!

These are just a few of our handpicked moments from last year in web design. If you’d like to hear more from us, don’t forget to follow us on socials or get in touch with your enquiry.

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