Brand Management

Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your marketing. Not only does it represent your business, but also the reputation which you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to ensure that your brand and marketing materials are consistently up to standard across all platforms. Superfly Marketing specialise in (and enjoy!) taking that stress away.

Sick of making sure your brand logo is cropped correctly on Facebook? Colours turning out right on your leaflets? Bored of dealing with advertising agents trying to sell you unwanted advertising space?

Superfly Marketing can act as your own in-house marketing department, dealing with every aspect of your brand and ensuring that it looks great everywhere, at all times. We have experienced designers that give your brand a modern and quirky edge, ensuring that people remember your business.

Our Brand Management Services

Branding Consistency

It’s absolutely essential that your brand is consistent across all forms of marketing. We can ensure that your brand is clearly and consistently applied across all communications channels from social media to print.

Handling Print Materials

From the initial design to sourcing the final prints, Superfly can help manage your print materials from beginning to end. We have a range of experience in all ranges of print from business cards and leaflets to brochures and even banners and signage.

Brand Consultancy

Looking to establish a new brand? Reinvent your existing brand? Or even just interested in feedback. We’re able to help create fresh and innovative brands that stand out from the crowd.

Colour Checking

It’s important that your brand remains consistent on every platform – digital, print, signage and more. Superfly can support your business to ensure that you’re getting the colour codes exactly right on every platform, enabling your brand to get the attention it deserves.

Reviews and Reputation Management

With the increasing importance online review platforms, online reputation has never been more important. Online reviews can make or break your brand or business. Superfly are able to help ensure your brand has the reputation it deserves.

Social Media Branding

Social media platforms are crucial for communicating with your customers on a daily basis. In fact social media is now one of the most popular forms of customer to brand communication formats. We can help ensure your brand looks great and stays consistent across all social media platforms, at all times.

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