5 Ways to Increase Social Media Followers

5 Ways to Increase Social Media Followers

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As with many businesses, obtaining a large following on social media has become the ultimate goal in digital marketing. The more followers/likes your business has not only demonstrates that you are a reliable and respected source but it increases your brand recognition and awareness.

If you’re a new business or if you just feel like your social media strategy isn’t working, check out my top 5 tips of ways to increase your followers.

Use Competitions

Competitions are a great way to drive engagement and get people talking about your brand. Competitions not only encourage consumers to get involved with the product or service but they also have the potential to reach millions of people in a short space of time. It’s always best to keep your prize relatable to your business but generally the better the prize the more interest you’ll gain.

Top Tip Easy, quick and straight forward competitions tend to do much better in comparison than ones that require a ‘like, share, tag, re post and follow’.  People are more likely to scroll past posts like this because who has time?! Just a simple ‘LIKE this post’ will increase your brand’s awareness and increase followers relatively quickly.

Social Media - Weldtite Competition

Engage and Interact

The importance of engaging with your audience is necessary to build trust, a good reputation and gain a reliable following. I have noticed from managing many social media accounts that customers are driven when a brand interacts with its audience. Just a simple comment back to a review or replying back on a post lets the customer know they are valued. Creating discussions through questions is a great way to learn more about your customers and also increase engagement. Although it may not give you an instant increase, long term and lasting engagement with your audience will naturally lead to more followers.

Show off your business

It’s surprising how showing a different side to your business can really interest your target customer. People are generally interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ of a company and what better way to show that than through social media. Showing that your brand has personality is essential to humanise and stand out from competition.

Top Tip Showing your audience the ins and outs of your business will bring attention leading to followers. This could be anything from posting a picture of your daily to do list, snaps of the new office, a recent event, employee’s birthday or even a staff spotlight.

Social Media - Lime Property Post

Be Visual

It’s important to have a range of varied posts across social media accounts but using visual content is more likely to attract followers. Pictures, graphics videos and GIFs are a great way to get messages across without using a lot of text. Popular apps such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat highlight the shift of communication, how it has changed from written to visual and it’s important for your business to do the same. Starbucks is an example of a company who use visually creative content on social media and with over 15 million followers gained they are doing something right!Increase Social Media Followers - Starbucks

Consistency & Relevancy

Consistency is key on social media. This doesn’t just mean posting regularly, however maintaining a clear theme through platforms will build up fans. Consistency can be achieved by using the same colours, logos and layouts as well as keeping the same tone and language in posts.

Knowing the interests of your audience will give you relevant content, this could be anything from the latest social media trends, what’s on TV or in the news. Being relevant and consistent is a long-term goal that will maintain your brand to achieve a loyal following.

Increase Social Media Followers - Pure Popcorn Competition


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