Our ‘WFH’ Experience So Far…

Our ‘WFH’ Experience So Far…

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It’s almost been a WHOLE MONTH since we closed our doors at the Superfly office and re-opened them from home. During this time we think it’s safe to say that it’s been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions, as this is something none of us has ever experienced. 

But it hasn’t been all doom and gloom for the Superfly team, as we’ve adapted to our environment and worked closer together bringing out the best outcomes for the business and clients more than ever before. As you’ve previously seen in our latest posts and blogs, we’ve now created a Coronavirus Advice Hub full of blogs, marketing advice and fact sheets to help anyone wanting to boost their marketing techniques during this time.

We would like to share with you some of the experiences each member of our Superfly team have had during our time in lockdown:

‘Although it’s been so nice to spend more time with Toni and our 1 year old, Ellis, working from home has been a consistent challenge that throws up new curve balls on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately we were already pretty prepped for home working, so we’ve been able to lift our entire operation to a home scenario pretty easily overall.

It’s much harder to concentrate, days drag, there’s a constant worry about losing business that we’ve worked so hard to get – but overall I couldn’t be prouder of the Superfly team that have continued to hit deadlines and produce even better quality work during these crazy times. When this is all over, we’re definitely going to come back stronger as a team!

Overall I feel grateful for what we have, and I’ve loved watching Ellis kicking a football around in the garden in his wellies every day. Definitely the next Messi.’ – Nick Tyldsley (Managing Director)

Whilst it took a few weeks to adjust, the dust is starting to settle and the routine of working from home is feeling more and more normal by the day. At Superfly we already use a range of cloud based collaborative working tools on a day to day basis so adapting to utilising these from home hasn’t been as challenging as we initially expected.

Whilst the social side of things is definitely impacted by this new-found lockdown life, I’m actually quite enjoying how my spare time feels a little more laid back. Thanks to the awesome weather these past few weeks we’ve been going for daily walks which has been surprisingly nice, particularly with how much quieter the streets and roads are.

I’m also spending more time in the garden once we jump off our video calls. Although returning to normality will certainly be nice, I’m still trying to enjoy this unprecedented change of pace as much as possible! – Charles Tyldsley (Digital Director)

At first, I found it extremely hard to adapt to having my work life and home life mixed into one, as I am sure most people have. After the first week I managed to get my head around what was happening in the world and introduced my own coping and working techniques to make WFH more comfortable.

Like most people, I have my up and down days but I am very lucky and grateful to still be working from home and having the routine / contact with the Superfly team. I always remember that everyday is a day closer to being allowed to see family and friends again! – Danielle Johns (Marketing & Design Apprentice)

So far so good, I’m actually enjoying working from home! Luckily, having my family around me has helped the experience be a lot more positive and bearable than I thought it would be. Being able to take the dogs for a walk on a lunch times has been the highlight simply because I’ve always worked too far away to pop home myself to take them out! – Rachel Smith (Graphic Designer)

It’s definitely strange and I miss my old routine, but I’ve adapted to it quicker than I thought I would. Plus – it’s great to be able to hop straight out of bed into “the office”! I’m lucky that we’ve kept socialising everyday on video call so the social aspect hasn’t changed. Just want to be back! – Rachel Klein (Social Media and Marketing Apprentice)

A month… couple of months ago? (lost count) we left the office and setup our own little working stations from home.

Whilst working from home brings its challenges, setting the alarm at the crack of dawn keeps me in the usual productive routine without becoming too lazy.

I can also sunbathe for an hour and eat whatever I want which is great! – Edward Hall (Wed Designer)

Three weeks in to this lockdown malarkey already; and to be honest it’s not all bad. It’s given me the time I’ve wanted to get on with some projects of my own: redecorating, cleaning and even learning some new stuff.
Working from home hasn’t been so bad either, the gang have all been great and it’s actually been quite enjoyable. There is something quite beautiful about being able to roll out of bed at 8:59 and still make it to work on time, one of the biggest benefits in my opinion.
Obviously, the situation does have its downsides, never thought I’d find myself saying I miss the gym but working out at home just doesn’t cut it. I’m also gagging to be down at the park pinging a football with the boys but that has found itself replaced with hours and hours of its virtual equivalent. – Chris Scruton (Marketing Executive)

Even though lockdown has now been extended for another three weeks until further notice, the Superfly team will continue to stay positive and embrace every moment.

As well as learning new strategies for ‘WFH’, we would also like to remind you that it is important to stay at home and stay safe. For any advice and tips to help with your marketing, don’t forget to check out our new Coronavirus Advice hub by CLICKING HERE!

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