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What it’s like being a marketing executive during a pandemic…

So, our Superfly team are now into their 6th week of lockdown and working harder than ever, for both each other and our clients. As a Marketing Executive @ Superfly, I would like to share my experience so far during my time at home and how it’s changed from our office environment…

Luckily I’m fairly flexible when it comes to changing my environments and having to adapt to different situations. The first week of working from home was some what of a challenge, as I’d never worked form home before and my set up was completely different; from the arrangement of computers to my actual working space in the conservatory (which means a lot of family interruptions!). I decided to purchase a desk and move my work space to my room, but after a few days began to realise this wasn’t ideal to be working where I slept, as I didn’t have that change of environment.

I am now back working in the conservatory, which works best for me as I can see the garden, open the doors for some fresh air and have a walk around if I need a time out. A piece of advice for anyone working from home is that your working space is KEY to producing creative content for your clients, if you’re not comfortable or happy… this will show in your work also.

Since working from home, I’ve been able to spend more time on learning new skills to help produce quality work for Superfly, as well as keeping myself occupied during lockdown. If you’re creative, you’ll know that it can be easy for your mind to run at 100mph when stuck inside, so it’s extremely important to focus that energy into something more practical and beneficial. I have had a Nikon D3100 camera sitting in my room for a couple of years now and have always seen people coming up with creative content such as vlogging, music videos, tutorials etc. So I’ve decided to start a new project during all my free time… (I won’t tell you guys now, as I want this to be a surprise for later so stay tuned!).

In regards to producing work for my clients, I would say this has improved a lot as I have a lot more time to think and research what works best for my clients and their target audiences. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, research is always key when producing content as the world is constantly changing. I’ve also created a lot of content based on Covid-19 for my clients, as this has effected everyone on different levels and continues to change everyday. Finally, I’ve been using stock image sites such as ‘Freepik’ even more than usual for Covid-19 social media templates and ideas, as this website is always updating its resources, perfect for all marketing companies looking for new content!

Other than the change of environment, not much more has changed for myself and the Superfly team whilst working from home, as we all continue to talk to each other over Google Hangouts and keep each other updated. So to anyone reading this, stay positive and stay creative by putting all your energy into creative content for both yourself and your clients.

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